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Sunday, February 14th, 2016
6:06 am
Nonlinear - a very gay intro
This journal is not only a series of impulses, but it's also basically an ever-fluctuating graph model of varying degrees of inexperience.
Saturday, December 15th, 2012
8:55 pm
how many times will i have to begin the circle of "i need to meet some new people." i'm not quite sure if people in general don't keep me entertained for more than a couple years or i am just a hopeless gadfly.

have i run out of women to date? all the girls that want to talk to me and seem like they like me and probably do, already have boyfriends. one of them may seem polyamorous, and i am working on that.
Sunday, June 19th, 2011
10:47 am
i'm finding it difficult to get motivated recently. been wanting to sleep a lot. i've been working a little more. not a lot, at least to most people, but 20-25 hours a week for me is usually the max amount of time i'm willing to spend at a job. i always tell myself "the next time you think about doing something, don't think about when you plan on doing it, just fuckin do it right then." it's worked one out of several dozen times!

i haven't been in my regular habits of drinking yerba mate and kombucha every morning, which is no doubt deterring my will to be up and active. i'm back on coffee, but really wish i wasn't. it feels like the quick/temporary fix to fatique rather than invested, long-term relief i.e. lifestyle pace that i have with constant maca root and yerba mate consumption. motivate me, people.

i started a new band.

i'm really into it so far. i've been wanting to form a rock band for a looong time, it's been so long since my last one. i recruited my pals jeff and liz for bass and drum work, respectively. jeff is a seasoned bass player, an older guy who's been playing bass before i was born. he played bass in my dad is dead back in the 90s, whoa. liz's drum work is almost completely non-cymbal based, which i love. gives it a basic tribal quality that's perfect. right now it's kind of a 60s surf via exotic world pop via sabbathian/rallizes ethos. the name is - el grande historia del rock. i'm excited to see where it goes...
Thursday, April 28th, 2011
11:07 pm
i missed femi kuti tonight. i wonder if he ever plays in lima? peru not ohio. strangely, i've never been to lima, ohio. it's probably LY-ma instead of LEE-ma, too. i probably needed to save that $22 anyways.

i am typing on my new laptop. i bought it because my desktop mac only has 80 gigs of space and this has 217 gigs. and because the old G4 has seen better days. and it was only X amount of dollars. i promised myself that i would not use it as a tool of evil to help me satisfy my laughable impulses, but rather use it as a speedy helper to list and sell my useless material possessions so i can save up and travel and eat wild salmon whenever i want. it is already making my eyes hurt with its cold, sterile, yet somehow warming glow. i should probably adjust that.
12:31 am
it doesn't matter how much anxiety i have these days, even if i'm currently not sleeping in a bed with someone or the sun doesn't come out for days. i can always play some tunes. although, i'm starting to see why my friend wyatt has night terrors, and how he has to be borderline alcoholic to chase away the demons.

the thought of sleeping in my bed alone tonight, in an empty house (sans duke, the dog, but he usually sleeps in rob's bed) seemed pretty unacceptable. i had real fuckin' crazy dream last night, that i think involved two friends of mine who were romantic at one point, but are now rearranging their entire social lives more or less so that they never run into each other. messy. after i let them out of a cage in a museum (where the form they took were helium filled, soft polygons that moved like balloons), and closed a door to fend off an earthquake, they both appeared at either side of me, looking like if the character in the painting "the scream" was done by jackson pollock. they were both in sports cars, and once they approached, they both stopped, and let out a wailing cry as they began to bloat, expand, melt.

it gave me some serious weird vibes.

so now i'm at the radio station, chatting with some real bonkers.

i always used to pin myself down as a city-dweller, but i would never live in a city bigger than cleveland. that was a good stipulation, as since then i've been wanting to get smaller and smaller.

it's good to read you guys again, liamtheruiner, trouserminnow, tdaschel, etc.

rockin' some laotian jamz right now, they sound real good
Saturday, December 5th, 2009
6:13 pm
Wednesday, October 21st, 2009
1:40 pm
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
1:54 pm
handsome davey's rip roarin garlic sandwich

two pieces grainy bread
two cloves garlic (or more if desired), chopped/minced
spread onto thin layer of chunky natural/sugarless peanut butter
pinch of lemongrass
sprinkle of soy sauce
bean sprouts

tah dah

goes well with a bowl of homemade butternut squash soup

you'll feel good!
Friday, June 12th, 2009
12:58 pm
Monday, September 8th, 2008
8:24 pm
It's my 27th birthday tomorrow. All I want is $0.27 paypal-ed to me. That'd be great thanks.

Monday, March 17th, 2008
10:34 am
mar 17 drink your face off
I'm sitting on her mattress with her laptop on my lap, looking out her bedroom window. she left for work an hour ago, and the bell tower of the church where she is currently cleaning bathrooms, sweeping the boiler room and clearing trash out of the kitchen areas, is perfectly centered through the sun-moistened rectangle of glass hiding behind a smattering of bare tree branches and romantic tremont rooftops.

Sun, shining down on the peak of the tower, I-90 running in an even line directly in front of it, criss-crossed and snowflaked by the trees, all prismed through the glass jars of juice and tea sitting on the windowsill. Good god, how breathtaking.

Current Mood: excited about the new age
Monday, March 10th, 2008
2:46 am
how i learned to live with fear
It seemed to make sense to read the fifth book of peace before reading 2012: the return of quetzlcoatl.

as i've gradually come to terms with the fact that they are controlling the weather (or at least making a shoddy attempt at it), and that scientific manipulation of a climate already stoic and unwavering towards its logical conclusion will most likely lead to an oversight, overcompensation, or whatever that will turn our scientific prowess against us, i'm quickly in the process of mentally arming myself. i am slowly shaking off paranoia the best i can to stop, and take a look at the beauty of the cosmic scope. making tender love during the 68 degree february rainstorms, chucking snowballs at friends after an artificial blizzard. collaborating with friends in music, writing, what have you. "gotta keep busy." that's what they say, right? when you know there's a darkness working against you? you know, it can take many forms..unrequited love, alcoholism, blah blah etc etc.

I have much to do this "spring break" week. no caribbean islanding for me. domestic shit. laundry, radio station work, schoolwork. work on some projects i've been meaning to get to.

and after that, thinking about physically arming myself. Marty said he'd help me with info for that. I can't wait for summer.
Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
11:24 am
I got up for work at 6 am, after only getting an hour or two of sleep. It wasn't snowing at 4, and when I woke up there were several inches. Not fluffy snow, but wet, good-for-snowball snow. Were there always bursts like this? I know the thaws are new...we had a 60 degree springtime thunderstorm a couple a weeks ago. I was at Kate's when it happened, and I got really paranoid and freaked out and frightened her. I think I have one of those weather bones...like a knee or something. Elbow. Something. Next year, tornados every day.

Obama and Clin-Ton are in town today for the debate at my school. I'll bet they're not as busy as I am this week.
Thursday, February 21st, 2008
2:46 pm
in through the eye out through the ear
Last night I joined Keith and Krauty in their duo at Bela Dubby, playing Zimbabwean thumb piano, only marginally aware what I was in for. Albeit Keith's confusing and complicated musical cues, I managed to play a steady drone while Keith started to chant a lot of existential anomalies. Krauty interpolated between shaking a handmade chime and kicking his legs in the air while chewing on plastic packing material. Schmoop joined in on guitar, probably even more confused than I was. Keith has a bad back, and was stumbling around the entire time. He even ended up knocking over his antique mirror that he brought to look into and ask questions during the music. It shattered into long thin schimitars. At the end, Krauty dropped a 30 pound rock on a garbage can lid, jarring the floor enough to completely freeze a nearby minidisc player that was recording the show.

It was a hilarious disaster. It happened just as the lunar eclipse was going on. I think Keith had planned it that way.

The new Emeralds/Quintana Roo split lp on Arbor records is really great.

I haven't been drinking very much at all. There are half a dozen pabst cans, four rolling rock bottles and two budweiser bottles in my fridge that were left over from a dinner party, and i don't want any of them

also, RIP Yasushi Ozawa
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
7:31 pm
Sometimes I want a sidekick. Someone preferably shorter than me...and at least a bit uglier. Someone who has nothing better to do with their time than to hang around me and not talk, go to shows with me, and smoke like a fiend. A human pet. Only sometimes, though. I want to be able to wave them off on any excursion I don't feel their presence would be necessary.

Ever since I quit working for those goddamned arabs and their hummus, life's been a nonstop party. Not in the drinking, doing drugs and ruining the property of others sense, but more in the, uh, I've been free to pursue any and all extracurricular activities unfettered by the ol' punch-in clock. Although I've been able to get a lot done, I'm never satisfied. A year remains until I'm out of college, and that's probably my biggest annoyance at the moment (I do enjoy learning Japanese though). I'd drop out of that scam in a flash if my mother hadn't asked me in her nicest tone to please finish college because they coughed up the dough for me to attend my first couple of years, and then some. BUT, I have a feeling it won't be all sour. Besides, I guess I do love those dolts, in some distant, crazy-3rd-cousin sense.

I've been recently surrounded by an extraordinary group of friends. We live with each other, eat with each other, Indian-leg-wrestle each other, and sometimes fuck each other. And it's all been great. They're all kooky motherfuckers in their own ways and I love them all. Some will leave soon, others may take their place, who knows. Cycles like this aren't going to stop, even though the pisshole that is mankind are just a few hairs away from pushing that knife blade in just the right artery of the neck of the earth. Can't stop progress because of some moldy old bones trying to ruin it for everyone.

Besides,like a learned, beautiful woman recently told me, either things can change, or they can't. But we have the option to try. So get offline and start a rock band or something. That last line was not directed towards any particular reader or group of readers.

Now for a noise show at my favorite bookstore, Visible Voice Books in beautiful Tremont. I might just start updating this thing regularly again.
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
8:37 pm
space madness
The honda hit 150,000 this last week. I needed a good theme song while driving and I didn't really have any appropriate cds in the car with me. So I called up the radio station and told Steve Lax to play Huey Lewis & the News' "Power of Love" on his punk/hardcore radio show and he DIDN'T. he better have an explanation.

So instead I found the Sum 41 song on the mix that lj_cranpape uploaded awhile back, and it was at least somewhat appropriate because of its fist-pumpingness.

Uuhh, it's been awhile. I've been journaling in a paper notebook recently, so I'll go over some highlights and give some key summaries, you know like the sports guys do in sports games.

5-13-07 5:54 AM
list of things bought at yard sales yesterday:

5-23-07 8:11 PM
Re-listening to tapes of me playing guitar. [counter @ 057] Chords, delay, distortion. Can't hear much. [...] [counter @ 104] Highs and lows. follow something short with something long, something light with something heavy. get a delay effect without using a pedal.

6-8-07 5:23 PM
For some reason, when i'm fucked up, I'm hesitant to admit it. I'm always like "Nah, I'm fine. Seriously, it wore off." I also tend to think that I make a fool of myself moreso than I actually do (if at all).

6-10-07 11:58 AM
Condoms are like the titillation police.

6-22-07 5:48 PM
The benchmark of my generation is if one is well versed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

...okay so those weren't the most exciting parts but oh well. It's been a mindblowing past six weeks.
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
10:58 am
I am thinking about moving to Ohio City.
Friday, April 27th, 2007
12:22 am
There's this nun that walks around CSU campus all the time. She's everywhere, I always see her. in main classroom, in university center, rhodes tower...at least three times a week. She's old, 50s probably, and she wears a knee high skirt. She is always carrying around two brown briefcases with a complacent look on her face. Sometimes I am afraid that she has machetes in those briefcases and does not like men with brown or tan jackets.

I have all of this thoughtful chicken feed all crammed up in my head when I go online and update this thing, but when the pretty box turns on it always causes depletion of my chicken feed. you know what I mean by chicken feed, right? I hope so, as it's not an original thought but rather something I found on thesaurus.com to replace 'trivia'.

I liked that new Trans Am record until the second track when they started singing
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
2:47 am
Thanks, Kurt
Sunday, April 8th, 2007
10:52 pm
part 1 - missing from pasture
I once read somewhere that virgos are people of many different faces, and that different parts of their personality show depending on who they are interacting with. I had recognized that this was more or less the case with me. But until I read this, I always viewed it as a very negative phenomenon. I thought I was a leech. When somebody around me netted one or more of the traits swimming around in my unrefined, indistinguishable septic tank of a personality, I leapt onto their necks and held on to them for dear (social) life.

I don't really believe in astrology, but I definitely don't disbelieve it either. In fact, I find myself agreeing with it more often than not.

There's more to this story, obviously, but I really don't know what road to take it down right now.

I don't want my brain to get too big.
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